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Download FAQs

Troubleshooting: No Confirmation Email

If you completed your purchase and did not recieve a confirmation email containiing the links to the MP3 please take the following steps:

  • Check your Spam folder : Some email clients may mistakenly add your confirmation email to your spam folder. Please move the email to your inbox and mark as not spam.
  • If you are still unable to find your confirmation email please enter in your email you used at purchase to the form below to resend.


Troubleshooting: Help Downloading the MP3 Files

On most systems, clicking on the MP3 file will only play it in your default audio player. Here’s how to save the file to your computer so you can archive it or transfer it to your portable player or iPod.


Windows PC or Linux

Right-click on the link to the MP3 file. Choose the option for Saving the link (or saving the target). It will say “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…” or “Download Link…”.

On most computers, double-clicking the downloaded file will open it and begin playback in the default audio program.


Mac OS X

Hold down the option key (bottom left of your keyboard) and click on the link to the MP3 file. It will download to the downloads folder (or to the folder you have set as your downloads folder in preferences). Double-clicking the icon after download will begin playback (in iTunes player) and will add the track to your iTunes library.

Are you using a mobile Apple device? (iPad, iPhone or iPod)

There is unfortunately no direct way to get an audio file from a website into the music library of your mobile Apple device by downloading it from a webpage. You must treat this audio file like any other mp3, and save it to your computer first before transferring it to your mobile device. If you would like to send this url to your email in order to access it at a later time, please fill in your email below.  Remember to use the same email you used for your paypal purchase.

    Your Email (required)

    Here are 3 methods that you can use to get the file from your computer to your mp3 player:

    Option 1. Save the media files to your computer, and then sync them to your Apple iOS mobile device via iTunes.

    Option 2. Use
    -Install the Dropbox App onto your iOS device.
    -Use save the mp3 audio file to your Dropbox account.
    -Open Dropbox on your iOS mobile device, you can then star the audio file (mark it as a “favourite.”) This will download the audio file to your Apple device, and allows you access to the audio file when you are offline.

    Option 3. Alternatively, use Goodreader. Copy the download URL into the Goodreader App and download it.

    Many thanks for your purchase! Enjoy.

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