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executive life coaching

Having coached and mentored senior executives from around the world, Dr. Howard Eisenberg has had privileged access into some of the top minds on the planet and he’s learned about the underlying key factors for success.

With the scrutiny of a neuroscientist and the deep personal understanding of a medical doctor, he has distilled the patterns of excellence into a customized approach to executive life coaching and team coaching that is unique and powerful in its impact with the top performance-enhancing and success-building tools.

Stacked Stones

Life’s too short to be stressed all the time


Whether the ongoing stress and unrelenting changes are showing up as fatigue, irritability, or you’re noticing your mental focus is not what it used to be and you’re dropping some balls… it’s time for some R&R with Howard.

Perhaps you’re missing out on quality family time because work is taking over your life, or you’re just not getting in any of the fun things you used to enjoy and value… then it’s time for a reset with Howard.

Personality differences can critically handicap team performance.  All too often, team members are completely unaware of the underlying divisive issues, and that’s when you need Howard’s proven coaching and team building services to facilitate the important conversations that are required to resolve differences, and unleash productivity. When top teams are on their game, their productivity soars and they truly enjoy working together.

Coaching delivers breakthrough results


Working with a coach is the most accelerated way to effect successful changes in both individuals and organizations. When you work with Howard, he’ll cut to the underlying issues and quickly outline the action steps to achieve better results.

Coaching gets results because…

  • None of us are able to see ourselves objectively from the outside
  • Family members, friends, and work associates, are usually too biased, or reticent, to provide us with objective feedback to share the hard truths
  • People usually miss the opportunities around them to work smarter and to think-outside-the-box
  • Most of us do not have the skillset to cope and thrive in this crazy environment of rapid and unpredictable changes
  • We are creatures of habit and effective personal change requires a specific strategy & reinforcing guidance, (the main reason why personal New Years’ resolutions and major corporate changes usually fail).

An Executive Coach at the Top of his Class


Dr. Howard Eisenberg the CEO of Syntrek® Inc., has a unique depth and breadth of experience. Howard’s innovative concepts & tools have attracted a prestigious international clientele – ranging from personal strategic coaching of billionaires to management consulting & training at Fortune 100 corporations as far afield as Kuala Lampur & Singapore.

Howard is a Medical Doctor with additional postgraduate education in both Psychology & Psychiatry. He helped pioneer the Life Coach model of counseling by establishing one of the first North American medical practices specializing in Stress Management, (mind/body medicine), and introducing its instruction at the University of Toronto and McMaster University.

Most recently, Dr. Eisenberg established the Center for Mind Enhancement© where he specializes in Brain-Based Coaching. He is a member of the NeuroLeadership Institute and an affiliate member of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital in Boston, (a Harvard Medical School affiliate).

His credentials & accomplishments are cited in the authoritative Marquis reference texts – Who’s Who in America (2005) and Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare (2011−2012).

Dr. Howard Eisenberg’s unique skillset enables him to discover his clients’ underlying needs & driving passions to live a more satisfying life with increased personal & work effectiveness. His confidential executive life coaching services are available in person, via telephone, and online.

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NOTE: These advisory Coaching services are not intended, nor appropriate, for individuals with clinical mental health issues