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Achieve your dreams & Transform your life

Close the gap between where you are now
and where you desire to be

Overwhelmed  because life is hard, unpredictable, & not fair?
Wary of slick self-promoters with packaged ‘quick fix’ solutions?

So work smarter, not harder – enhance your mind & achievements by enlisting the guidance of the internationally renowned pioneering Neuroscientist, Consultant & Coach.

Dr. Howard Eisenberg

M.Sc.(Psych), M.D.

Sample the smarts & benefits ofDr. Howard Eisenbergright now for FREE:

Want to improve your work & business?

  • Develop the Mindset for resilience
  • Enjoy Work/Life balance for greater productivity, wellbeing, & fun
  • Think-out-of-the-Box for transformative & disruptive breakthroughs
  • Benefit from strategic & tactical people-wise advice
  • Upgrade leadership skills for inspiration, motivation, & productivity
  • Maximize your untapped potentials, overlooked opportunities, and under-performing assets
Executive Coaching
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Want to improve your personal development & current reality?

  • Working with a Coach is the most accelerated way to achieve successful changes
  • Become the ‘best version’ of yourself
  • Clarify your goals, challenge your assumptions, identify your blind spots & optimize your resources
  • Learn the specific strategies and reinforcing guidelines in order to make positive change happen
  • Increase Emotional Intelligence/People skills for better relationships
  • Enjoy your life
Life Coaching
Improved Reality
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Dr. Howard Eisenberg

With a masterful suite of qualifications, real-world experience and unique skills, Dr. Howard Eisenberg, is a performance-enhancing powerhouse for personal and business success.

Dr. Eisenberg is a specialist in enhancing individual performance and collaborative intelligence.

Howard has a diverse and accomplished background himself as an Entrepreneur, Executive, Neuroscientist, Physician, Psychotherapist, Professor, Author, Radio Host, Management Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Keynote Speaker & Executive Coach.

He is the Founder of SYNTREK® Inc. and the Center for Mind Enhancement©. Noted internationally for his pioneering expertise in Change Management and Innovation, with a Fortune 100 clientele ranging from American Express to Xerox, and extending as far afield as Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Clients leverage his expertise in Creative Thinking for strategic advantage, Stress Management for optimizing personal energy and resilience, Team Building for collaborative synergy, and achieving breakthrough goals through personal Strategic Planning & Executive Coaching.


Some of Dr. Howard Eisenberg’s Clients

Client Testimonials

I am particularly impressed at your ability to facilitate difficult concepts with ease, and your mastery at helping people explore deeper aspects of their being in a very non-threatening and sensitive manner. I also very much appreciate the time you invested in understanding Motorola culture before designing the segments and your efforts at working tirelessly with the rest of my team to ensure complete customer delight.

Harsh Muthal, Director, Motorola Management Institutes, MOTOROLA INC.

I am happy to report that we achieved the desired results… the manner and flexibility you exhibited in dealing with the particularly sensitive issues of the relationships between certain of our executives has helped our company progress profitably. Initially, the parties worked together with a degree of animosity; your help resulted in the same individuals directing all energies to outside problems rather than internal divisions.


Your talk was fascinating and brought to us thoughtful ideas about the meaning of work, and the impact of social change on the lives of workers. Your passion and dedication to your subject was felt and appreciated.


Dr. Howard Eisenberg’s Blog

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