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Why Intuitive Management with ‘Diet Mindset’?

So much DaTA being pushed to you, (like trying to drink out of the proverbial firehose). And so much is free and seductively addictive– samples, prizes, updates, special reports, videos, & social media postings.

We’re in the midst of a major transition from the slow linear growth of human knowledge to explosive exponential growth

This new reality was illustrated by Buckminster Fuller’s “Knowledge Doubling Curve”. He explained that until 1900, human knowledge doubled approximately every century. By the end of World War II, knowledge was doubling every 25 years.

Currently, human knowledge is doubling about every 13 months. According to TIME, the world’s computing power is continuing to increase by 10,000% every decade. And IBM recently forecasted that the progression of the Internet of Things will soon lead to the doubling of knowledge every 12 hours!

The new bottom-line reality for us all is INFORMATION OVERLOAD – way beyond our Brain’s neuro-processing capacities.

Importance of Intuition in Life & Business

Wise decisions can no longer be based on previous experience, knowledge & skillsets. If you want to survive and thrive in this new era of rapid, unpredictable change, then you must develop the competency to break through the conditioning of the familiar, peer pressures, and the seductive ‘information noise’.

The most successful business executives actually rely on their Gut intuition as their key resource for major decisions, as revealed in surveys and research. As do the most inspirational entrepreneurs of our era like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.

What is Intuition?

Some attribute intuition to the gut experience of just feeling confident about the right decision. Other common experiences of intuition are when you feel that you’re being stared at, (and checking to find that someone really is looking at you from a distance). Another is déjà vu, in which there’s a sense of familiarity about a situation without any previous exposure. And uncannily accurate premonitions of what’s yet to come.

Sometimes intuition is known as a ‘sixth sense’, as it involves being able to access, connect, and process information which others often miss. It‘s the opposite of rational decision-making with its dependency on ‘objective facts’, analytics, and step-by-step deliberative thinking. Intuition is fast and feeling-based, while Thinking is slow and controlled.

How to recognize and access intuitive ‘gut’ feelings with ‘Diet Mindset’

Just as the stars are always present and shining above, (despite occasional cloudy weather, obscuring smog, and light pollution), so also is our potential to disengage and tune-in to our intuition.

Helpful brain science fundamentals to keep in mind for navigating other levels of consciousness for Intuition

The 2 sided pre-frontal cortex, (PFC), is the most evolved & complex region of the brain for problem-solving, abstract thinking, planning and decision-making.

The left prefrontal cortex is the Optimist of the brainIt’s constantly generating creative solutions for any tasks, contingencies and ‘stretch-goals’ to motivate you to action.

By contrast, the right pre-frontal cortex is the relative Pessimist. It automatically generates worries about the negative things that could go wrong if you proceed with your desires & plans.

There’s a continuous debate between these 2 sides of the higher, Executive brain – alternatively triggering the deeper brain emotional centers between fear/avoidance and desire/attraction.

As you learn to sample these 2 inner voices of ‘self talk’, with the Diet Mindset of ‘non-attachment’, you can then access your deeper intuition ‘operating system’ to help you sort through for the wisest option

It’s also important to realize that although intuitions are usually experienced as ‘feelings’, they are actually not simple sensations, or emotions. You must learn by experience how to perceive Intuition out of the ‘noise’, (‘the still, small voice’ of just Knowing – really knowing something with certainty).

Meditation is a powerful intuition enhancer for the emotional balance, clarity and deeper focus to more easily access this voice of inner wisdom.

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